New Microgaming Casinos

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Welcome again to another Newcasinos2020 article! This time, we are here to talk about new Microgaming casinos and, more specifically, Microgaming itself. Hailing from the Isle of Man, this online gambling behemoth has been around ever since 1994 and calls itself the world’s first true online casino software developer.

Judging by the year, we believe they might be telling the truth here! They have been in operation for a quarter of a century already, which is quite a feat indeed in this competitive industry. Then again, they did have a huge head start when it comes to most of their actual competition, which is always a good thing. Because of this, Microgaming was able to facilitate their status early on, and they have been reaping the benefits ever since!

Just about every product you can imagine

During their time in the industry, the Microgaming workforce has been hustling and bustling as a man possessed. They have tipped their toes into just about every aspect of the game, including slots, poker, bingo and even sportsbook.

Despite all their many ventures, they are particularly well known from their many slot machines. We ourselves have lost a count years ago, but we do believe that we have heard them having developed at least 800 slots. Of course, not every slot was created by the same team, though, as their Quickfire platform remains an extremely popular choice for developers who are just starting out.

Looking at all the games that Microgaming has created, you immediately notice that they have a bunch of licensed slots as well. Having co-operated with so many movie franchises and the like, you can definitely see that Microgaming is a true Disney-like giant when it comes to the gambling industry. They have quite a bit of pull when it comes to this kind of stuff!

Next up, we believe that we should bring to fore a few of Microgaming’s finest online casino slots. If you have never played these games before, you might want to give them a go at some point!

  • Playboy. Everyone knows what Hugh Hefner’s favourite slot is. If you are in for skin and beautiful young ladies, Playboy might just be your pick!
  • Game of Thrones. Who could ever forget this popular TV series? Fans of GoT will feel right about home when playing this fine classic.
  • Jurassic World. Everyone likes Jurassic Park, right? Microgaming has brought Spielberg’s iconic dinosaurs to life in this cool slot.
  • Immortal Romance. This could very well be Microgaming’s most popular slot machine of all time. At the very least, you are going to fall in love with its breathtakingly good free spins soundtrack. Whisper in the dark… When you feel that something’s wrong… Or something like that!
  • Highlander. Remember this old blockbuster? Whether you do or don’t, does not really matter as long as you play this bad boy! The free spins mode with random wilds all around is where the money is at.
  • Terminator 2. Well, Arnold always told us that he’d be back… In this slot, he is back with a vengeance. If you can trigger the incredible Hot Mode, you will be bathing in coins in no time at all.
  • Thunderstruck I and II. We never really played these games all that much, but much like Avalon, we guess that these games deserve a mention as well due to their sheer popularity.

Please note that some of Microgaming’s more popular slots can even be found at brick-and-mortar casinos around the world. At least games such as Playboy and Game of Thrones are extremely widespread nowadays. This is, of course, in big part due to the strength of their household international brands.

Where can you find new Microgaming casinos?

Being that Microgaming is such a huge gaming company, their casinos are not really hard to find. In fact, asking the question in the title is almost similar to asking where you can find a McDonald’s restaurant. It is almost as if these restaurants (as well as Microgaming) go about finding you! That is how prevalent new Microgaming casinos are.

We would venture a guess that almost 90% of all online casinos have at least a few Microgaming games in their arsenal. These games are simply way too popular and famous for casinos to want to leave them out. To be frank, if you do not have Microgaming games, then your casino kind of sucks!

Should you play at Microgaming casinos?

100 per cent. Microgaming casinos are a real deal, and with so many fantastic slots out there, you are definitely going to find at least a few dozen (!) to tickle your fancy. There simply is something for everyone. You would be foolish to not give Microgaming slots a shot. Besides, you cannot really call yourself much of a gambler if you cannot even list a few Microgaming games that you have played!

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