New Playtech Casinos

Newcasinos2020 is at it again!

This time, our glorious online casino website is going to tell you all about both old and new Playtech casinos! We are going to be talking about what makes these casinos tick as well as go through Playtech’s history and some of their best online slots to date. We have no doubt you are going to enjoy our little article, so buckle up!

Playtech casinos and their history

First of all, let us look back on Playtech history as this is the largest online casino business in the world!

Playtech has been around since 1999. Their company started its long journey two decades ago, and they have grown into an absolutely huge company. In 2018, their revenue was reported at over 1.2 billion euros, and they are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

What is interesting about Playtech is that they were actually found by an entrepreneur called Teddy Sagi. Sagi was born in Israel but founded Playtech in Estonia. The company launched its very first product in the casino field in 2001, after which it has been smooth sailing for them.

Granted, though, they did enter the game in its prehistoric times, which is probably one of the reasons why they have been able to be so successful. As far as time goes, Playtech was one of the first ones in the game, and they have become the first one in revenue and size as well.

Perhaps you also know a game provider called Quickspin? Playtech bought this interesting prospect in 2016.

What gambling products does Playtech offer?

Being that Playtech has been in the game for two decades already, they have had time and the wherewithal to put their hands in most of the new online casino industry’s proverbial cookie jars. For a humongous company with a giant budget, it has been a no-brainer for Playtech to try and achieve as many revenue streams as possible.

Slots are obviously Playtech’s forte, but this we will get to in a moment. Live casinos are another one of their strong suits, and we should not forget their bingos and lotto games either. What is more, Playtech also has its very own online casino platform, which is rather popular as well.

What are some of Playtech’s best slots?

Again we find ourselves stressing how Playtech has been around for 20 years already. In these 20 years, the company has had time to craft hundreds and hundreds of great online casino slots, some of which have become instant classics. Next up, we will introduce you to a few slots that we ourselves love to play.

Age of Gods

This Playtech slot is one of the most classic slots in the whole world. Its theme is filled with Greek gods and mythology with deities such as Hercules, Athena, Hades and Zeus making a cameo. The best thing about this game must be its crazy bonus mode, though, as it can sometimes go on for a long, long time before it eventually ends.

Ace Venture: Pet Detective

Who doesn’t love Jim Carrey in Ace Venture? This game is one of the funniest online casino slots that we have ever seen, featuring clips from the actual movie. Carrey is hilarious in these game, and the always-changing free spins mode can really turn wild sometimes. Definitely look for this game at your favourite new Playtech casinos!

Anaconda Wild

Speaking of wild, how about Anaconda Wild? This game doesn’t really have a free spins mode, but it does still have its fair share of other cool features. If you manage to hit one of the so-called anaconda wilds on your screen, they will start slithering on your screen, hopefully creating some great winning opportunities in the process.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Superhero movies are all the rage in 2019. The amazing this about this slot is that it combines two of some of the best characters out there in Superman and Batman. To be honest, we would rather see Batman duke it out with Spider-Man instead, but we guess you cannot have it all. Based on a blockbuster film, this game rocks.


Yet another licensed slot from Playtech, Gladiator does feel somewhat old nowadays, but it still has enough nice features to make it playable.

Murder Mystery

Newcasinos2020 has rarely seen a slot this intense! In this game, you are constantly solving murders, almost feeling like you’re Murdoch. We will not explain this any further right now as we really want you to try this game yourself. It is totally worth it!

Are new Nektan casinos worth your time?

Nektan casinos are not your average casinos. Most of them only have games made by Playtech and this also includes their live casino tables. As such, you might be stepping into foreign territory with online casino slots that you have never seen anywhere else. This is not a bad thing, however, as stepping out of your comfort zone can be extremely fulfilling and worthwhile.

We recommend that you give Playtech casinos and Playtech slots a shot! These slots are oftentimes full of cool features and sometimes you even have a say in what kind of bonuses you want to trigger. In these games, it is ultimately you who decides whether to go for the big wins or the easier medium-sized pots!

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