New No Deposit Casinos

This is Andrew from Newcastle talking to you about my favourite subject, which is simply new no deposit casinos. You just cannot go wrong with these new casinos, and I am going to tell you all about them. I know that our site is read by both avid gamblers and new fresh faces alike, so I will try and keep things as easy to understand as possible. I believe that the worst thing a professional like me can do is to talk about things in a manner that can only be understood by those already familiar with the subject. This thought actually brings me to my university days… Some of those lectures were a pain!

Back to the subject at hand… I will divide this article into several subtitles that will be the form of questions. This way, I can easily answer your frequently asked questions (or FAQ, if you may)!

What are no deposit casinos?

This term might not be the wisest one to use, to be honest, but a lot of people Google it so what the heck. In short, no deposit casinos are the kind where you do not have to deposit in order to play for the first time. Instead, these online casinos give you free spins or free play bonuses for you to peruse and get your feet wet. It’s up to the casino if the no deposit bonus can be used on specific slots or from all game providers like NetEnt, Nektan, Playtech or Microgaming.

Now, why I do not necessarily agree with the widely spread term is that these casinos are not only about being no deposit—they do have their usual deposit requiring features as well. Thus, I do not think we should necessarily label these casinos “no deposit” as it is not nearly the only thing that defines them.

Having said everything that I said above, the reason why we are calling some casinos no deposit casinos is still pretty clear. This is because we as casino fans really love everything that is free, and that is why we are using these terms as a sign of our affection. Thus, calling casinos “no deposit casinos” is definitely not a pejorative although most casinos probably do would not want to be known for their no deposit spins. Every single casino out there is in this business to make money, and no number of no deposit free spins can get them that!

Why do no deposit casinos exist

This is a question that no doubt creeps into many people’s minds when they see online casinos promising their customers free spins or free play bonuses that are indeed totally free. We are certain that this kind of promotions are fuel for the fire when people talk about online casinos being rigger or something like that. People simply cannot fathom the idea that an actual business would be willing to give anything for free, let alone opportunities to win tons and tons of money.

To be perfectly frank, people claiming that this kind of bonuses just proves that online casinos are rigged does sound rather plausible. After all, the fix is indeed in—it is just not in the games and RTP’s as it is only the bonus terms. The devil is in the details, one might say!

No deposit casinos are willing to give their customers free swag for two specific reasons:

  1. Online casinos are always trying to make ends meet and get new customers to join themselves
  2. No deposit casinos can come up with their own rules to even things out so that they won’t lose money as easily as you would think

The first reason here is kind of self-explanatory. There is a saying in business that in order to make money, you have to spend money. That is what these no deposit casinos are all about. They are trying to entice new customers to join them by giving them something in return.

The second reason for online casinos giving out bonuses pro bono requires a little bit more of explaining. You see, it is in the casinos’ power to come up with rules that make it harder for you as a player to win with your bonuses. They can, for instance, put a rather high wagering requirement on their bonuses, everything but making sure that you will lose your money before you can withdraw it. Other terms might see your wins capped in a way that you cannot win more than a few pounds with your bonus. It turns out that free money is, in fact, not at all easy to get!

Types of no deposit bonuses

We at Newcasinos2020 have seen two types of bonuses that no deposit casinos are giving out. Let’s go through them before I finally wrap this article up, shall we?

  1. No deposit free spins. Again, this is pretty much self-explanatory. When you sign up to the casino, you usually get somewhere between 5 to 30 free spins on slots of the casino’s choosing.
  2. Free play bonuses. These bonuses are extremely rare because of their amazing flexibility. Free play bonuses are essentially extra money that is added to your account for you to use freely. Again, though, please note the rather strict rules that are usually associated with this type of bonuses!

All right, now you have heard all that I have to say about new no deposit casinos. All that remains is for you to find yourself a casino that is suited for your needs as an individual. Just remember to read the bonus terms and conditions to make sure that you come out the other side unscathed! There is nothing worse than thinking you just won thousands of £’s when you actually won something closer to £5!

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