New Nektan Casinos

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In this very article, we are going to tell you a little bit about new Nektan casinos and what they are all about. It just so happens that not many people know a lot about Nektan, which is exactly why we are going to shed some light on things and tell you everything that you should know about this old casino company

First of all, Nektan already opened its offices in 2011. They have since then been operating from Gibraltar, yet they have added some office buildings in London and Las Vegas now as well. They did not really start developing casinos before 2013, though. Nektan’s biggest pioneering impact has been seen in the mobile casino space where this operator has raised some waves with its platform called Evolve.

Next, we are going to go through some basic things about Nektan casinos. We hope that you enjoy the ride!

How many casinos does Nektan have

Since starting out in 2011, Nektan has created numerous online casinos. It would seem that this casino brand believes in the power of quantity as evidenced by the fact that they have created about 30 online casinos to this day.

Seeing that Nektan has so many casinos in its repertoire, you would think that the casinos have not necessarily gotten all the love that they deserve. It is almost the same if you think about a family with 10 children—how can the parents properly look after each of kids? Turns out these assumptions and worries are somewhat founded because Nektan does indeed seem to resort to the magic of copy paste here and there. Their casinos are often almost carbon copies of each other, and a lot of the time these casinos do not have much personality, even despite their weird and rather unique names. Below, you can see a few Nektan casinos listed:

  • Cheeky Win
  • Pots of Luck
  • Great Britain Casino
  • Irish Spins
  • Slotty Slots
  • Vegas Wins
  • Awesome Spins
  • Captain Wins
  • Sunset Spins
  • Jungle Spins
  • Seven Cherries

Each of the casinos listed above are either old or new Nektan casinos and okay casinos on their own right. Still, you can probably see that the names generally are not that creative or special. In fact, many of these names sound like they not much thought went into them, which is again somewhat in line with what you are getting inside as well.

What kind of casino bonus do new Nektan casinos offer?

As you probably know by now, almost every online casino is giving their newest customers at least some kind of a bonus. Nektan casinos are no different and will almost always have something for you to look forward to when you sign up.

Nektan casinos are known to sometimes give their newest customers new no deposit casino bonuses or free spins. Sadly, though, most of these free spins come to you with high wagering requirements and a winnings cap of only few measly pounds. Thanks to these strict terms and conditions, Nektan casinos do not have to worry too much about players joining in spades and ransacking everything. At the same time, there is still a small incentive for players to join in hopes of winning a couple of poundsterlings to put in their pockets.

What is cool about new Nektan casinos is that their deposit bonuses tend to be non-sticky. If you are not familiar with this term, let us explain. With non-sticky bonuses, you first play with your real deposit and will only have to complete wagering requirements if you lose. In other words, if you deposit, say, 50 pounds for a 50 pound bonus, you can withdraw your real money balance anytime as long as you stay above your bonus balance. That is super fair!

On the flip side of the coin, Nektan casinos tend to restrict the amount of money that you can withdraw from your free spins or bonus funds. If you lose your 50 pounds of real money and start playing with your 50 pounds of bonus money, you might only be able to cash out somewhere along the lines of 200 to 300 pounds max! As such, the bonuses here do have both their good and bad qualities. After you have lost your real money deposit, you are only playing for scraps, which somewhat almost renders the bonuses useless.

Should you play at Nektan casinos?

Let us hit you with a sort of a metaphor here.

Let us say that the winter is coming and you are in dire need of a new sweater to keep you warm. What you can do now is go an expensive local store and buy yourself a £50 sweater. Or, if you want to save some money, you can go online and buy a £20 sweater on Ebay.

New Nektan casinos are kind of like these £20 sweaters. They do serve their purpose well enough, but you know that you are investing in something that is not quite as high in quality as some of the other casinos out there. The game selections, for instance, can sometimes be sparse with these casinos, which is always a tad deflating.

If you have run through most good new online casinos already, we would recommend giving Nektan casinos a try. Their non-sticky bonuses do have their upsides!

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